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What is it?
Converland is the service that puts you in contact with mother tongue trainers and allows you to practice your language skills online.

Improving your language skills has never been so easy. Switch on your webcam, choose a trainer and start talking.
How much does the service cost?
Paying for your sessions is really easy.
All you have to do is top up your account with conversation minutes (between 25 and 250).
The PayPal transaction is secure.
A 25-minute conversation
from 9,50 €
Before topping up your account try
15 minutes of Talk Now conversation for free!
Converland offers new joiners a free conversation!
Try a Talk Now conversation now
Choose a language
A world of conversations is waiting for you, explore it!
Select a trainer
They are all professionals, mother tongue and certified.
Start a conversation
The best way to learn a language is by talking.
Improve your language skills
With Converland you can talk online with a mother tongue trainer.
Whatever your needs.

For studying purposes

To travel

For work
At any time.


Talk Now
Wherever you are.

On a computer

On a tablet

On a mobile
Converland helps you move up the ladder
You can improve your conversation skills as well as specific terminology. Look for a trainer that specialises in the topic you are interested in and start talking.
Add your language skills to your professional skills and improve your business.
Converland S.A.S. - Via Lentasio 7, 20122 MILAN – tel: 0341-284930 – email: info@converland.com - P.IVA 09357730960
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